The power of information empowering patient care

At nSpire Health, we are optimizing respiratory disease diagnosis and management through cutting-edge innovation. We’re dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with access to the right information that enables better treatment decisions, better patient care, and reduced costs across the entire healthcare system.


See the complete picture to help you tailor treatment and provide better patient care.


Enhance efficiency and improve diagnostic confidence with comprehensive, customized reporting and business management tools.


nSpire Health software is built with a secure, scalable, standards-based architecture.


Integrated Respiratory Information System

The first and only comprehensive solution that collects, validates, organizes, and enables analysis of multi-source respiratory data – from a single access point.


Pulmonary Function Testing devices

Collect more, accurate, and reliable respiratory data in the office and at home. KoKo® testing devices are designed with the patient experience in mind, making them easier to use, faster and more reliable, all while providing the lowest total cost per test.

Stay at the FOREFRONT

Cost-effective purchasing, simple integration, and world-class service and support – nSpire Health makes it easy to integrate leading-edge diagnostic technologies, with minimal downtime and no major capital expenses.