Easy, Affordable Cross-contamination Protection with Improved Patient Comfort

  • Effective filtration of bacteria, viruses & expectorants
  • Adaptable – five standard port sizes
  • Low resistance for enhanced patient comfort
  • Low dead space for lung volume & DLCO testing
  • Multiple colors – white, blue, yellow & green
  • Standard or elliptical shape for improved patient comfort
  • Affordable – purchase individual boxes at a competitive price and earn credits towards a FOREFRONT Supplies & Service agreement
  • Hassle-free, automatic re-ordering available

KoKo Filters are the only filters certified for use with KoKo testing devices.

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Technical Specifications

Filtration Efficiency:
Bacteria Filtration: 99.99%
Viral Filtration: 99.99%

Resistance (at 14 L/s)
Standard: 0.43cmH2O/L/s
Elliptical: 0.30cmH2O/L/s
KoKo Px Filter: 0.65cmH2O/L/s

Dead Space:
Approx. 50ml
KoKo Px Filter: 70ml

Outer Housing: Impact Polystyrene
Filter Media: Technostat® modocrylic-polypropylene

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