nSpire Health has a rich tradition of innovation and industry firsts. Since pioneering the Collins–Drinker™ Iron Lung in the 1920’s through decades of advancements, nSpire Health’s award winning technologies are continually redefining accuracy and establishing new standards for diagnosing, treating, and managing lung disease.


HDpft 4000 wCart shadow nsight60

HDpft Series

HDpft™ was a continuum of PFT systems that utilized iFlow™ advanced flow sensor technology, ensuring flow/volume measurement accuracy and repeatability within 1.0% to detect smaller changes in lung function sooner.

Learn about KoKo Px, the new generation of PFT systems.



ZAN® 600 Cardiopulmonary Exercise with 12-lead ECG (CPET) was the first system to incorporate Inbar/Wasserman™, the largest predicted equation set ever created for cardiopulmonary exercise testing.


Raptor Series

Comprehensive suite of PFT systems that featured the first precision Micro Gas Analyzer not requiring frequent calibration, AutoFlow ultra-low resistance gas delivery system, and the first all-digital body box.

Infant Pulmonary Laboratory


Infant Pulmonary Lab was the only FDA cleared device at the time for raised volume pulmonary testing (RVRTC) and was designed to measure all testing parameters without disturbing the child.


Collins DS / GS

Collins® Gold Standard Pulmonary Function Testing Systems featured 4G Fast Gas testing and a Universal Breathing Valve for automated tests.



An affordable, comprehensive PFT system that performed spirometry, FRC and DLCO with an advanced pulmonary function analyzer and featured software allowing the full realization of Windows capabilities.


KoKo PFT Spirometer

KoKo PFT Spirometers

KoKo® PFT was the gold standard clinical trial spirometer that internal medicine physicians trusted most with decades of pace-setting performance and over 50 million tests performed.

Learn about KoKo Sx, the new generation of KoKo Spirometers.




KoKo Mate was a hand-held portable spirometer capable of performing pre/post bronchodilator testing, utilizing KoKo PFT software for reporting and trending.


KoKo Trek

A simplified version of the KoKo PFT Spirometer, KoKo Trek provided basic PC-based spirometry for offices not requiring more sophisticated functions.


KoKo DigiDoser

A spirometer with a built-in dosimeter, KoKo DigiDoser integrated automation of challenge stages and dosing intervals with spirometry testing.


KoKo Legend

KoKo Legend I provided a robust solution for mobile desktop spirometry with intuitive touch screen technology and immediate quality feedback.

Learn about KoKo Legend II


KoKo Dosimeter

KoKo Dosimeter was a stand-alone dosimeter that automated delivery of controlled, reproducible doses of aerosol or challenge agents.



PiKo Monitors

Recognized as the “Best Over-the-Counter and Self Care Product” at the US Medical Design Excellence Awards, PiKo® Monitors were the world’s most effective lung health monitors for managing respiratory diseases at home.


KoKo Peak Pro 6

Electronic home monitor designed capture PEF, FEV1, FEV6 & FEV1/FEV6 measurements, eliminating the need for paper records. Optional KoKo Asthma Management software monitored symptoms and medications.

Pocket Spacer

Pocket Spacer

The smallest aerosol holding spacer of it’s time, Pocket spacer included a built-in whistle to alert user of excessive inspiratory rate.


Wright PPFM

Wright PPFM

The Wright™ Professional Peak Flow Meter was successfully used in hospitals, general practices, and industrial health monitoring studies around the world for over 50 years.

nSpire Health's legacy of innovation continues...

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